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2024 Spring and Summer News

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May 30, 2024 News

Hello everyone,

Spring has sprung and with it, comes summer. So far in KY we’ve had a relatively cool spring.

We are enjoying fresh garden goodies; strawberries, peas, lettuce, potatoes. The children have had fun helping in the garden, and they are great helpers. This summer we have brought several new moms. We are enjoying watching these darling little Mini Cavapoo and Mini Bernedoodle babies grow and their unusual coat colors. We’ve been delighted to have several merles and some black and tans.

Our whole family thrives on encouraging these dear mamas, fussing over them, cuddling them, and spoiling them with treats.

We are eagerly looking forward to providing you all with healthy, friendly balls of fur. Much love, all have a safe, healthy, and blessed summer.

Sincerely, Ella Mae from TRK